Ferrous Metal :

We operate solely as a trading office acting as a link between the merchant producer and the melting sector in India and overseas.We arrange contracts concering factories, collections of materials from merchants, delivery co - ordination and agreed
Payments terms.
With a wide range of experience over many decades in the industry we have a very wide and broad knowledge of the trading of ferrous metals both in the UK and international down to the smallest factory rising to collections from merchants, the movement of containers for export, and the shipment of cargos internationally.


Non Ferrous Metal :

Masscorp Corporation trades internationally in non-ferrous metals up to visiting checking and inspecting their premises and the processing procedures. we trade in the metals listed,all of which we move by container to markets world-wide
Secondary Aluminium - Phosphor bronze - Nickel alloy -Copper scrap - Brass scrap - Gun metal - Batteries -Radiators - Zinc The company trades in the most grades of non-ferrousmetals including secondary aluminium and ingots,
heavy brass, mixed brass, heavy copper, mixed copper,car and lorry radiators,brass and brass swarf and borings.As well as most grades of nickel alloys including 18/8 stainless and 316 stainless steel and titanium and inconel material