Masspro-Ferro-Carbon,Masspro Patent-Ferro-Carbon

We are the 1st owners and inventors of the Masspro Ferro Carbon. Masscorp has invented & patented this product.

Recycling of scrap is a vast business all over the world. We at Masscorp have strained hard for finding different ways of generating a quality product with all techno feasibility in the field of recycling scrap in the steel industry as a cost effective solution.


Masspro Ferro Carbon is a product which can be made by a mixture of different ferrous scrap product and briquette in a form of bundles without melting, with certifiable composition.


Preamble to the Product Description



Steel Melting is predominantly done in the following process routes


Basic Route

1. Ore + Coke + Heat + Additives = Hot Metal (Pig Iron)Fe + C (4%) Oxygen = Liquid Steel.


Various improvements in this couple of century old steel making continued through Bessemer converter, open hearth, LD converter, Fiore, EOF etc All these processes required ore, reducing agent, carbon and oxygen, Other steel making inputs like direct reduced iron (DRI) were produced by mixing ore and reductant in rotary kiln at 750O C (Fe2 O3 + C) or ore and Gas (Fe2 O3 + C2 H4 ).This DRI is used to make steel by melting in Induction or Arc furnace. In later years it is identified that if %C is available in DRI, the melting can be assisted by oxygen and innovations are happening in this field now.


Electric Route

A) Scrap + Elec.Arc + Fluxes Liquid Steel
B) Scrap + Coke + Elec.Arc + Oxygen + Fluxes Steel

C) Scrap + Liquid Steel
D) Scrap + Fluxes Liquid
E) Scrap + Liquid Steel +Liquid Pig Iron + Elec.Arc +Oxygen + Fluxes + Sponge Iron + Pig Iron + Elec.Arc +Oxygen + Steel +Sponge Iron + Induction heat + Fluxes


When we closely look at all the above various process routes, it is visible that oxygen assisted melting is practiced for faster melting and heat energy given by oxygen is more economical than from electric power. Naturally, we work towards power saving and potential earning from carbon credit.


Oxygen cannot be used “without carbon” in the scrap mix or molten bath. Hence, carbon availability to assist faster melting through oxygen lancing is a prerequisite. For eg. 1M3 of oxygen can replace 3.5 units of power input. Saving on Rs/ton of melting.

3.5 KWH =Rs 19.25/-
1M3 of oxygen=Rs. 10.25/-


For a melter, 9 Rs/ M3 oxygen usage is the benefit. Oxygen utilization can go upto 60M3/tonne in hot metal route or 35M3/ tonne in scrap +coke+pig iron mixture.


Hence, necessity of carbon percentage in the furnace input is advantageous. This has lead to our innovative way of increasing percentage of carbon in scrap leading to

• Faster Melting and productivity
• Lower cost
• Lower usage of national resources


Our enclosed process is very simple and gives benefits to all the steel melters. Another inherent- but hidden benefits to the buyer is perceived as below.

Insulating the volatility of the input like – Hot metal/Pig iron which rocks when the government changes the iron ore policy and/or China/Australia declare unilateral price increase on coke. Our product is approx 90% protected by scrap which is globally generated & traded and carbon comes from “recycling” and not from prime product. Our Ferro carbon will have the ferrous from scrap and carbon coming from the selected high carbon content chips of Pig Iron + Carbon additives if carbon percentage needs to be increased. The process that we have identified will have predetermined quantity (say 5 MT) of scrap and carbon additives mixed
thoroughly. Sample of the mix is melted in laboratory scale furnace. Liquid metal sample is cast and spectro tested for its chemical compositions. Once the composition is known, the batch of 5mt shall be compacted into chargeable bundle sizes to furnaces. That lot will be certified as per the spectro analysis. This pedigree and pretested bundles helps the end user

• Known Input
• Faster Melting
• Lower power consumption
• Charge weight/M3 is better than Heavy Melting and Shredded scrap.


Preamble to the Product Description Nickel & Chrome combination is the highest consumption in the Alloys steel industry and this innovative product shall help the industry to

. Use recycled product.
. Save Cost.
• Save time.


Product Specification

Fe 85% - 95%  

Carbon 1% - 9% max



Conclusion: - Our claim on our Product
a) Cost effective on material & conversion cost.
b) Completely derived from recycling of scrap.
c) From scrap (unknown specification) to certifiable specification.
d) Productivity increase due to possible change in melting practice.
e) Usable by all process owners be it Arc- Induction- Dilution routes.