Masscorp was founded as a dream venture of Mr. Allen Bansode which was originally named as Mass Corporation in 2004. The company began its journey as a scrap deal business. With the great vision, passion to excel and the entrepreneurial skills of Mr. Allen Bansode, the company rose achieved great success in the import of steel billets in Maharashtra.


In the year 2005, the company was named Masscorp Engineering Pvt. Ltd, and began to deal in scrap field by providing material inputs to big giants. The distinct customer centric approach, the unparalleled customer service and quality of the materials offered by the company soon paved the way for the company to grow as the brand name in the field. The company then became a closely held limited company in 2010. Masscorp Ltd started trading of basic raw materials like pig iron, HMS, shredded and stainless scrap to most of the major producers of steel metals in India.


The company's dream of entering into manufacturing sector was achieved by starting aluminium foundry in the year 2010, in the state of Maharashtra. Located in the industrial belt of India the factory accommodates advance state of art technology for Alluminuim smelting. The factory is capable of producing 30,000 metric tons of per annum. The factory also offers hi-tech laboratory and storage facilities. With advanced manufacturing facility, the company can offer a wide range of Aluminum alloys in India which are used for a variety of castings, extrusions and in automotive industry.


In April 2012, Masscorp merged with Kothari Products Ltd. However, owing to the ideological and business process difference, de-merger was carried out at the end of same financial year (March 2013). As a part of de-merger, Masscorp parted with the entire aluminium business and handed it over to Kothari Products Ltd. thereby closing down all its aluminium business in year 2013. Masscorp continued with the steel business which we were pioneers in. We operate through our registered office located in Pune, India.


Masscorp Ltd has also few patented products like Masspro Ferro Nickel and Masspro Ferro Carbon. The manufacturing units producing these patented products are capable of producing 36,000 metric tons per annum. The factory is also capable of providing hi-tech laboratory and storage facilities.


Masscorp Ltd, the vision of Mr. Allen Bansode has undoubtedly reached heights of success and is world leading in the manufacturing, supply and importing of raw materials for steel metals. With continuous enhancement of technology, innovation and quality, the company has certainly set a benchmark for scrap business and steel markets in India. As the company constantly aims at maintaining a better long lasting relationship with its customers as well as its dealers Masscorp Ltd has set the standards for quality and unmatched goodwill in the market.