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Using a collateral management solution is essential for banks and lenders to make their lending practices 100% automated. Since there are literally millions of consumers who receives loans on a daily basis, lenders may need to keep track of the collateral they receive and seized if the loan is not repaid. Most financial services technology provides a sound and full-proof method to doing this. This system also helps the consumers as they are able to view their information online in real time. This will keep down confusion and customer service complaints on the banks/lender’s end.


A collateral management solution is also cost effective and is made with proven financial services technology. Some of the features may include real-time posting engines which are built in with databases which are customizable. Customers can also gain access to easy web viewing and enable users to manage their finances from one place. One of the positives about this type of software is the vast amount of security that is often built in. Most of the security is often made through pledging of collateral through the DTC, also known as the Depository Trust Company. If this company is not used to pledge security to consumers, then an Agreement Pledge will be used.