Aluminium Ingots :

This unique and versatile metal is used in a broad range of applications for transportation, packaging, electrical materials, medicine, construction and other sectors. Aluminum is light, strong, flexible, non corrosive and infinitely recyclable. When compared to most other metals, less energy is required to manufacture and transport products made from aluminum. Recycling aluminum uses only five per cent of the energy needed to produce primary metal, reducing total greenhouse gas emissions

Aluminum Metal Scrap:

Together with our partners in the Middle East and Europe we can provide various classifications of aluminum scrap.

a.) Wire Scrap

b.) Extrusion Scrap

c.) Taint Tabor

High Purity Aluminum Ingots:
We manufacture pure & high purity ingots which cast as Sow and standard ingots which accounts for about 25% of Masscorp total annual production output. Superior processing and performance standards ensure that purity levels of up to 98.8% are maintained and that customers exacting expectations are constantly met.

a.) Standard Ingots - Weight =20Kg
Dimensions: 765mm x 154mm x 115mm (length x width x height)

b.) Low profile sow – Weight =680Kg
Dimensions: 1095mm x 298mm (width x height)

c.) Sow ingots – Weight = 500Kg
Dimensions: 850mm x 390mm (width x height)

Aluminum Foundry Alloy Ingots:

Masscorp tends to become the largest and leading supplier of foundry alloys to automotive manufacturers, where they are used in the manufacture of Wheel rims, sub frames, suspension parts, cross members & engine cradles among various others Applications. Consistency of product quality & high metal purity ensure the continuous demand For Masscorp’s products which make up to 75% of the company’s total annual production Output.

a.) Standard Ingots - Weight =20Kg
Dimensions: 765mm x 154mm x 115mm (length x width x height)

b.) HDC Small ingots – Weight =7Kg
Dimensions: 648mm x 54mm x 75mm (length x width x height)

Weight = 8Kg
Dimensions: 756mm x 54mm x 75mm (length x width x height)

c.) Properzi Ingots – Weight = 10Kg
Dimensions: 730mm x 105mm x 53mm (length x width x height)

Aluminum Alloys:

Masscorp is a very well known supplier of Aluminum alloys. We can supply a wide range of Aluminum alloys. We are also renowned for our high silicon and high purity Aluminum from our manufacturing units in Pune, MH, India.